Need Sound / Lighting and AV for your next event ?


Phoenix Entertainment can supply 

  • Live Sound / Lighting Production for In-house Shows in local Venues
  • Provide sound and Lighting for Corporate events, Fashion Shows and Live performances.
  • We also have the ability to record your concert multitracked.
  • We always make use of the newest technologies available including Digital Mixing and Computer Controlled Lighting. We have a system to suit whatever size event you may hold.


**All Hires  include at Least One Operator  and Two or more if Lighting or Extra AV Support is Required . Dry Hire is not available on any of the gear listed below.  
PA Acoustic Technologies Front of House Speakers Including :
SS24  + BB03.5 For Small and Medium events    TLA 1164 for Medium Events Blackbird CLA600 for Large Events  Stage MonitorsAcoustic Technologies  Monitor Speakers Including :SCX24 Stage Monitors SFM07 Stage MonitorsSFM 09 Stage MonitorsMicrophones :  (many available  these just a single listing for examples of what we have)
Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58
Shure Beta 87
Shure SM57
Shure Beta 91  ( Plate Mike for Bass drum)
Senheiser 906
AKG Drum Mic Kit    1 x D112 bass drum microphone    2 x C430 for overheads    3 x D40 for toms, snare and more 
Rode M1
Rode M2
Rode M3
Rode M5
Akg Condensor 
Granelli SM5790 -  ( Right Angle SM57 Great for Snare Drum)
Shure 55SH II
Shure Super 55
Headset Microphone
Wireless Guitar Body Pack
Shure ULXD Wireless - SM58
Shure QLXD Wireless - BETA87
Shure UR4D Wireless -BETA 87
Shure SLX Wireless  - BETA 87
 Mic stands
Tall Boom  - 20
Short Boom - 8 
Mixing is done on Yamaha Digital Mixers on a size to suit the event. 
Lighting Includes:
Selecon Fresnel
Pro Shop Led Par
LED Strip
Imove LED moving Head
LED Scanners
Follow Spots + Operator
Various DJ Lights / Lasers
Smoke Machine
Festoon lights 
Lighting Control Via LSC Clarity  
Audio Visual

Pipe and Drape Black Curtains 
WXGA Projector with HDMI and VGA 
CD PlayerDVD / Blue Ray
Projection Screen 

Radial J48
Radial JPC